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These designs were digitized with the Singer XL-1000 PSW software.
Each design has been tested and the greatest effort 
was made to assure that these designs will sew out well for you.
I cannot, however, guarantee them in other formats, but
will try to accommodate your needs if you will contact me. 
Designs were converted to other formats using Buzz Tools.
It's  MelonMania!

This design is most attractive used
as a corner border on napkins.

BUT . . . . . . . . . . .
CORNERS are Not just for NAPKINS!

This was my "show and tell" for the SewAmused Workshop I hosted in Jacksonville.  I used the Corner design along with  some extra ants (itchy little buggars!) on a linen shirt. 

The ants trail down one edge to the hem, continuing on the back hem and diagonally up the back of the shirt to the opposite shoulder.  It's a fun shirt and I was amazed at how much attention it got!


"MelonMania Corner"

(Three sizes included)
Design Order Includes Three  Sizes of
EACH of the designs above.
See Order Page for 
More Information

Design No. 07

"MelonMania -  Column"

Size = 1.48 x 9.82 inches
Design No. 08

"MelonMania - Sweet  Dreams"

Size = 2.14 x 7.20 inches
Design No. 09

Melonmania Column looks great down the left shoulder
of a blouse or tee shirt - add the trail of ants (Share design below
on the back shoulder for special interest - see how many people
tell you that you have ANTS on your shirt!  <smile>

Melonmania Sweet Dreams is a design that I used to
hand paint on pillowcase borders -- especially popular with
young girls for birthday gifts and slumber parties!


All Large Designs in the MelonMania Set
can be  split into component parts to
achieve the larger design effect for smaller hoops.
Please SPECIFY when ordering.

"MelonMania - Melon Yoke"

Size = 3.60 x 7.88 inches
Design No. 10

Great Yoke design on a tee shirt OR
use as a scalloped border on a
Tablecloth -  then pair with napkins
using the Melonmania Corner

AND . . . . .
You can embellish further with 
My little 
MelonMania Thieves!
(see and DOWNLOAD at bottom of page)


"MelonMania - On The Vine"
Size = 3.09 x 6.37 inches
Design No. 11

"MelonMania - Thieves"! 

by clicking on design

Formats included:
.xxx, .pes, .hus, .csd, .sew, .dst
Size = 3.65" x 1.68"

And did you download my BIG "Thief"
From the POEM Picnic/4th of July DX??
If not, click on the picture to take you there!

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